Geoff Menda Band

Geoff Menda Band

Located in The Hudson Valley, Glass Wave Productions creates quality audio and visual media for all artistic and commercial applications.



Our live room is ready to track up to 16 inputs simultaneously through high quality Universal Audio & Focusrite microphone preamplifiers and Universal Audio analog to digital converters. We have a large selection of in house instruments including multiple drum kits, guitars, percussion, bass, keyboard, amplifiers and more.


Do you have your song recorded but need a professional mix? Bring us your files or send them to us via email. Having a skilled engineer processing your pre-recorded tracks through our pre amps, signal processors and outboard gear will bring your recordings to life and make you stand out from the crowd.









Mastering adds that final touch to a song that will really make it shine and sonically stand up to the best commercial masters out there today and sound great no matter where you listen to it. We offer professional mastering at a great rates.

Live Sound/Rentals

Our experienced engineers have mixed numerous shows and can get you the sound you need to deliver at a live gig no matter the size or venue.  We provide top quality audio gear and back line for any occation. In addition we also offer equipment rentals at daily, weekly and monthly rates and can multitrack your lives shows!